Saturday, June 21, 2008

Earth is Old

After some difficult RL days, including my RL birthday, I was reminded by buddy Grafx Newbold of our pal's super double secret rez day party for Earth Primbee. Earth, as many of you know, is one of the three creators of the Inspire Space... well... universe. He's also the founder of Virtual Life Media.

The beauty of Grafx's efforts for such a party is that not only is the location hot hot hot, but Galaxy Girl stepped up to DJ for a bit (always a treat!), Voicedude Reinoir made an entertaining appearance, as did a whole host of SL favourites, all blowing out the candles for Earth.

And just for the record, I briefly saw a tag that read, "Save Earth". I kid you not. And no, I DIDN'T DO IT!

Happy birthday pal! And thanks for sharing your talent with the world.


Anonymous said...

And don't forget his beautiful and charming wifes Malenia who's whole I idea it was, we had great time celebrating Earths 3rd Rez day and look for ward to spending time with great friend over the years!

Kisses Ribbons


Ribbons Whitfield said...

MUAH Grafx and a big hug to Malenia who happens to be one of the most charming women in SL. Thanks lovies!

Anonymous said...

I JUST ran across this. Grafix did a fantastic job for our old boy Earth ;)

Hugs to you Ribbons and thank you so much for coming! See you soon!


Earth Primbee said...

I know I'm waaaay late in commenting here but THANK YOU Ribbons for coming to my party and for writing this about me.

You are awesome and I'm glad to call you my friend and super happy you came out for this party.

I was truely stunned that not only were most of my good friends there, but my sweet Malenia had rounded you all up with the Gman's help.

Its great to be old when you get parties like this ;)