Sunday, May 10, 2009

Traveling Pixel Party, RSVP?

I was bored. This has been happening a lot lately. I find my SL has become the people I know and I do very little exploring these days, opting instead to spend time with the folks if they are online. I blame Yvette for not being around to show me the hot spots. Doesn't she know that that is part of her job?

Then Luna Jubilee plurked a request for warm pixels to join her. She's working on a project called the Traveling Prim. I TPed over and found myself facing a tower of cubes, each with snapshots of RL places, pictures, etc. What the heck? Friend and idea spawner Ryoken Vendetta jumped in.

Ribbons Whitfield: Now, tell me about this project (if you've a moment)
Ryoken Vendetta: Sure :) Basically, the idea is bring a lil bit of SL into your RL and a bit of your RL into SL
Ribbons Whitfield: LOL I do that every day. LMAO Damn fax machine never rezzes right.
Ryoken Vendetta: Most people don't want the two lives to ever meet. This was a fun way to encourage them to take a step back and look at the balance between their lives... and hopefully merge them a bit more
Ryoken Vendetta: As for what people actually do... you make a 2 inch (or 5cm) cube and show the prim your real life. then you take pictures and/or video of the experience and submit them to the relevant Flickr and Vimeo groups I made.
Ryoken Vendetta: The cubes are aggregated at the blog and then also aggregated in world here. Eventually, for prosperity,

Build a prim. Take it with you throughout your day and snap pics of it. Then share it baby, share it! The collection can be seen at MIT.