Monday, April 20, 2009

Boom Baby, Locks and a Whole Lot of Love

So many things happening lately! My dear friend Adeline Paule of Envisage Public Relations has signed up to help CT Xue in his quest for the ultimate branding logo. I've been enlisted to help her out behind the scenes which mostly includes getting her coffee and making sure she has enough well sharpened pencils. She also motions in CT's direction with a brightly coloured writing device and points saying "Go sit on him please." This is usually in an attempt to contain the boiling over mind that is Xue. For those curious as to what the Ultimate Branding Logo Quest is all about, CT has invited people to design a logo for him. Finalists recieve a Linden cash prize, second place, a new laptop, and the winner picks up an all expense paid trip to SLCC in San Francisco. Think I'm kidding? Check out the plurk.

Things are a-changin' at the Xue compound as now former neighbor Aisuru has demolished her property. CT created a viewing area behind a safety screen so visitors could gather and enjoy the destruction. Being the smarty pants I am, I came by at an appointed time, found no one there, slipped out to run an errand and when I came back, nothing. All gone. BUILDING GONE POOF. I mis
sed the whole show. Thankfully Aisuru posted the photojournalistic experience for all of us to enjoy. I know she will be missed by CT and friends.

In other news, plurkster Washu Zebrastripe has been a busy little bee as she organizes the 2009 Hair Fair. Dates are now set for June 20th - America's Independence Day (July 4th). Last year's festivities raised over $9,000 USD for Locks of Love. We all look forward to the hottest new styles in this years festival.

I've been helping Adeline get her SLife together with a makeover. Next time I volunteer to do this, would someone please remind me that I SUCK AT IT? The only thing I could contribute to this poor woman who had to put up with me was the discovery of some decent hair at Analog Dog. It only took
seven stores. Yes, seven. I stink that bad. So here is to patient friends with big sticks that make you sit on people!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Libidinous Epidermis: Eden

With my return in world, I needed a little something something to brighten my look. Course, I wasn't aware of this until after I got a make over. That's why you have girlfriends. They take a look at you, blindfold ya, spin ya around three times, then cover you with a mud mask, tweeze everything known to mankind, and induce enough dancing to make you loose a dress size.

Plurk friend Ryker Beck is one of those friends. "Here, try this!" she said as she sent me over a new beta test skin called Eden. Right. Sure. Try this. No big deal.

It is a big deal. Beck had been working on this baby for months. She combined the best of the best in resources for the skin's design. And the part for which I did my infamous snoopy dance? You got it. Freckles. The most lovely freckles I've ever seen. That wasn't the end of it. She created a new set of eyes (which by the way, I later found out come with every skin purchase) to compliment the skin.

Now, I'm not known to draw a lot of flirtatious attention in public places. Occasionally someone will strike up a conversation but I'm almost never complimented like many of the other girls. Or I should say, I wasn't. One day in Eden and I was receiving more attention then I had in almost two years in SL. Now I am not an attention hog but I have to admit it was refreshing. Interestingly, my sister decided she wanted a makeover too. You'll dig her before and after shots I'm sure.