Thursday, June 5, 2008

Silent Sparrow and Bad Apples

I log in. Hey Girlfriend IM chat window immediately opens in mid conversation.

"It's just terrible."

"I can't believe people would do that."

"Can you believe that?!?"

So of course, I ask, "Wait, what'd I miss?"

Silent Sparrow has been so abused by those taking advantage that they are removing their freebies from the store.

"It is with a bit of a heavy heart I write this: I will no longer have the old freebies out for people to pick up. They will be available for newbies though, so you can bring your friends who are just starting out to pick up all of the old sets. (Please make sure they are 30 days or younger). I love spoiling the ~twittery birds~, but the harrasment (nasty IM's and general rudeness) has gotten out of control. From now on starting 6/12, when I release a new group freebie the group will be closed for the week while that set is available."


"It happened at Sn@tch too."

"I just don't understand people sometimes"

"Others too... people harassed their models and sent them nasty messges demanding they send them the freebie themselves."

Ribbons Whitfield: I don't understand. Why would people be upset?

I mean honestly - it's a freebie! You should be grateful that the designer was generous enough to put one out!

"Because there's a bunch of people who think that they are supposed to be given everything."

"Some people feel entitled."

"They are entitled to that boot in the butt."

"Yes. And they were brought up to think that by their parents."

Ribbons Whitfield: Don't get me started.
Ribbons Whitfield sighs

"I'm holding off from starting, myself."

"I remember when a freebie t shirt was a big deal!"

"A few bad apples gotta ruin it for the whole bunch."

"So true!"

"And the saddest thing about it, those bad apples probably don't even have a clue..."

"No, they probably don't - in all senses of the phrase."

Need I say more?

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