Friday, June 6, 2008

SL Lovin'

I'm talking to a friend about a woman he recently met in SL. Things are progressing in an interesting way it seems as they both are aware that, well, they are pixels. These pixels are experiencing new pixel love. They aren't in love as of last reports but anyone who has been there knows the excitement of meeting someone amazing and new.

He goes on to say that he was having a little trouble explaining it to his friends. Being a newbie, the RL friends don't quite get the hang of it yet.

So she's pretty?

Oh yeah! Beautiful red hair... But sometimes it's chestnut... And when she goes blonde... Well... um...

*blank stare*

Okay... What did you guys do?

*grinning* We went to the beach to go windsurfing... and then we went skydiving... and the other day we were in Paris and she looked so cute on the Eiffel Tower with the sunset kissing her cheeks...

*blank stare*

Oh. um...

Well, is she a good kisser?

She's absolutely amazing... er... wait... she's... um... her pixels kiss soooo well.

Wait - you're telling me you took her to Paris?!?

Nothing like a little SL lovin'.

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