Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tootsie Treat

I have been on the hunt for an elegant shoe for MONTHS. Most shoes I like are either too tailored or they look beautiful until you zoom in and discover they have spikes. :/

Then I discovered Sven Olbers. Sven is an evil, evil man. EVIL. His Bow shoe is perhaps the most elegant (despite the spikes) I've seen in SL to date. Now mind you, I don't get out much so don't rush off to insult my intelligence (or lack thereof). If you've noticed, I don't blog much about fashion. I've just no eye for it.

Worse, I couldn't resist the Curl clog. To. Die. For. Tropical flowers adorn the top of the foot with a whimsical heel. I want them in all colours. I mean it. I WANT THEM IN ALL COLOURS.

Wait until you see the rest of his work. Heels in every style. Matching belts and accessories. Boots in every style from platform to spike to thigh high to feather. Someone get me out of here before I go broke!

By the way, there is a fantastical pair of Halloween shoes at NONKO. Group gift of course. But Ohhh the fun I will have with these next week!

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