Saturday, March 21, 2009

Rails Bailey Saved my Second Life

Probably over a year ago, I reached one of those frustration points in a mentor's life that made me want to not just walk away from the program, but throw a lot of shoes at the program managers heads. Heavy shoes. With really pointy heels.

Working with some of my colleagues had become stressful because of a very small set of people who were unable to get along with the wider group culture. This caused Linden Labs to eventually (too late in my case) crack down with the "If you guys cannot play nice then we will take away the swing set privileges" threat. While I still disagree with the resulting rules, I do not offer blame as I am not sure I could have come up with a more viable solution (better yes, but better does not mean viable).

It was then that God brought a guy into my life who, frankly, no words can describe my gratefulness.

You see, Rails Bailey saved my mentoring job.

I love helping new folks out and I love digging around for answers. Am I good at it? Not really. Do I get frustrated navigating the wiki? Yep. Do I rely on my other mentors too much? Probably. But they are good people who put up with me. Rails is the avi who gave me a little perspective and offered me a mentor home with Mental Mentors. Not just a home but a place where I belong. And even better, he gave me time to calm my sorry butt down because I was HOPPING MAD.

One of the things I love about this guy is that he gives his knowledge away. Rails is not a political, power, or money hungry hack. He's the real deal. He loves SL. He loves mentoring and helping people. He is able to see what is really important. And he is wise enough to get the job done. His passion for mentoring is obvious - he receives no compensation for spending most of his time on mentoring projects. He is available to everyone. Period. No questions asked.

All that said, Happy Rez Day my friend. And thank you for saving my Second Life. And thank you for setting the example of the kind of mentor I hope to be.

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