Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Mentors Do Behind the Scenes

The mystery of mentors behind the scenes is solved. This* is what we do when no one is looking.

Mentor 1: Did anyone get a notecard regarding Science week? Or is it just on the website?

Ribbons Whitfield: Oooo Science week! *Swooning*

Mentor 2: Science Week?

Mentor 1: Yes starting tomorrow through next week, got a notice in email from [insert emailer here]

Mentor 3: Part I - The Science of Cement and Baking

Ribbons Whitfield: Part II: Chemistry - blowing things up in the virtual kitchen

Mentor 2: Part III -- Baking and Setting Fenceposts: Keeping it Real

Mentor 2: oooh! I want to take the blowing up class!

Mentor 3: Part IV - Rock Candy - an Alternative to Gravel in Architecture

Mentor 3: Part V - Gingerbread Houses and Green Energy Construction - learn how cotton candy can increase the R value of your insulation

*Disclaimer: Mentors who wish their name to be included here, please contact me in world or via email and I will make the appropriate adjustment. Regards!

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