Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Libidinous Epidermis: Eden

With my return in world, I needed a little something something to brighten my look. Course, I wasn't aware of this until after I got a make over. That's why you have girlfriends. They take a look at you, blindfold ya, spin ya around three times, then cover you with a mud mask, tweeze everything known to mankind, and induce enough dancing to make you loose a dress size.

Plurk friend Ryker Beck is one of those friends. "Here, try this!" she said as she sent me over a new beta test skin called Eden. Right. Sure. Try this. No big deal.

It is a big deal. Beck had been working on this baby for months. She combined the best of the best in resources for the skin's design. And the part for which I did my infamous snoopy dance? You got it. Freckles. The most lovely freckles I've ever seen. That wasn't the end of it. She created a new set of eyes (which by the way, I later found out come with every skin purchase) to compliment the skin.

Now, I'm not known to draw a lot of flirtatious attention in public places. Occasionally someone will strike up a conversation but I'm almost never complimented like many of the other girls. Or I should say, I wasn't. One day in Eden and I was receiving more attention then I had in almost two years in SL. Now I am not an attention hog but I have to admit it was refreshing. Interestingly, my sister decided she wanted a makeover too. You'll dig her before and after shots I'm sure.

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