Sunday, April 13, 2008


My friend was helping me set up Flikr so that I could transfer my photos from SL straight into the browser DB. I had to set up an account which requested my birthday. So I went to go look at my rez day and discovered it was today's date, one year earlier. I rezzed on April 12th, 2007.

Over the last SL year, I lost a good acquaintance to drama ending a 4+ year RL relationship. I've lived in one club, and three homes, the latest a FABULOUS tree house I love. I was selected as a SL mentor. I lost a business, but became more than viable and was in demand for a variety of other jobs. I've modeled. I've beat the plague and countless griefers. I've helped run a fashion agency. I've helped give a start to six businesses. I got a face and shape I like having. I've visited an alien world, Africa, New York, Australia, Russia, and countless other countries and times. I toured the Titanic - both old and new. And I have consulted on countless business deals and personal matches for professionals.

I've made some wonderful SL buddies who have become RL acquaintances. And while I have had no real love interests, I have had a date (or really more of a hanging out) on occasion. I have become a blogger not once, but three times over. And we held the top 100 SL sites for several months. And I have a network of professionals, experts, and talented artists, DJs, sculptors and others, all whom I admire.

Tarsis talked me into SL with much effort. He welcomed me with a gift of $50 Linden to buy an outfit, took me shopping and put up with my indecision over hair. He started something that day because for those people I know well, I pay it forward. Thank you my friend, for not letting me dig in my feet.

So here is to another year. Pay it forward always and live with love in your heart for those you like, but especially for those who are hard to love.

Blessings always-

PS: Guess who talked me into giving up my red hair?!?! Darn her!!!

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