Saturday, April 12, 2008

Out of Africa

So RL ate my life. I admit it. I'm a work-aholic with no social life and a blog about a second life I also don't actually have at the moment. You should all be so proud. :)

None the less, some fabulous virtual friends and I were standing around talking one night about Africa. You know - the place with the zebras... and princes chasing pretty blondes in boats.

So this guy Life said we should check it out. He zips us over there for a hot air balloon ride, a little wading and a chance to play with the wildlife. (Probably the only wildlife I'm likely to every play with too...)

The elephant is so sweet. He'll raise his trunk occasionally ... And watch your sounds for the hyenas. (Or were they dingos, guys?) The snakes can also be a bit nasty so keep your distance. But enjoy a swim and snag an inner tube if you can!

**When I posted this, I had no idea it was my rez day. Funny how things sneak up on you!**

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