Sunday, April 13, 2008

You know when...

I’m in a group IM with the Genovians and also another with Hey Girlfriend… It started like this…

You know you've been in SL too long when....

  • Half of your inventory is missing?
  • You are ruthed and naked?

It didn’t take long for it to go here…

  • You attempt to click a RL building to see who built it or worse, try to derez it
  • You start talking at length with a really beautiful woman in real life, and in your mind you are just positive she's a guy
  • You walk by a bench near a bus stop and are surprised there are no campers on it
  • You look for a lm to go to the grocery store
  • You get impatient and say to yourself "damn this lag"
  • Your excuse for not cuddling or kissing is 'the balls are broken and the menu will not open'
  • You look for the inventory box to get dressed
  • The TV doesn't look right because there isn’t a T.E. HUD in the upper left corner
  • You start shopping in RL based on your taste in SL
  • You see someone annoying and look for the "mute", “eject”, “ban” or “orbit” button
  • You see a girl with *really* big breasts and bad makeup and think "newbie"
  • The local teen agers toilet paper your house you scream out your window "GRIEFER", begging for all of your friends to come help
  • You actually give money to money trees instead of trying to grow one
  • You’re having a bad day with a jerk at work and reach for your Mystitool to resolve the problem
  • You zoom in to see something down the aisle at Wal Mart
  • You’re able to rez your house completely furnished, exactly where you want it
  • You are running late and walk outside your front door into a flying pose thinking you’ll make it faster than walking
  • You start to talk/think in roleplay format
  • You try to attach a tail and ears and walk out the door.. before your friends commit you to a mental hospital
  • Your house ends up filthy because you don’t have to dust or vacuum in SL
  • Your acquaintance looses her job for calling her manager "master"
  • You wish getting a tan was as easy as changing skins
  • You get your hair cut like your favorite ETD hair
  • You try to dance in RL like you do in SL, even though you could never dance
  • You wish you could send your identical alt to work so you can stay home
  • You catch yourself in a clothing store mirror doing poses from SL
  • You grab someone's wallet at the grocery store thinking it’s their profile
  • You are at work and try to zoom or walk around a regular web page.
  • You buy a retractable leash for your dog with the brand name “flexi” and start pointing and yelling at your dog, “Look! Flexi prim!” (This actually happened to a girlfriend!)
  • Your sons figure out that the “hot girl” on your laptop is YOUR avatar, sending them to therapy for 15 years
Thanks to the members of both groups for their witty repertoire and well, much loved sarcasm.


Ribbons Whitfield said...

Shared by Sissy of SLProfiles...

Forum: You know when...

Thank you!

Tricia Aferdita said...

~ You look at a piece of furniture, a car, a skirt... and wonder how many prims it is.

~ You look at a piece of furniture, a car, a skirt... and think "I can make that in SL!"

Villain Baroque said...

First I thought funny then I thought sad. Do we spend too much time in SL?
However a wonderful post.
Thank you.

Earth Primbee said...

OMG LOL I'm glad I stopped by your blog today hahahaha... I needed a good laugh!

Ribbons Whitfield said...

Thank you all for your comments. I delight in each one of them!

I'm sitting in a conference with about 200 people and reference a page that did not print clearly in the hand out materials and I found myself saying the following... "If you'll look at page 28 - oh dear, it looks like it didn't rez properly."

I think that means I've been in SL too long... *nibbling lip nervously*