Saturday, September 6, 2008

Intimate Gatherings

With the closing of Harmony Cafe, the Alternative Classix Dance Party was in need of a pretty quick spot to call home. It was at that point that Cetus Gallery District Xander Ruttan stepped up and said, "Hey! Stick with us!". And the AC once again had a home.

But what home? Cetus is growing and undergoing some changes. And the AC definitely had a place in the future, but what about now? So we all took a stroll and decided that the Cetus Community Center would work just fine, at least until the new digs were completed.

Last night Xander popped over to try and "bring down the space". You see, the community center was a very large, cavernous facility designed to hold many many people. It was not set up to create an intimate feel that good nightclubs emanate. I was thinking, maybe set up a hostess stand with some ropes to control the "usable" space. But Xander had a whole different idea. He created a building within the building. Beautiful glass walls encased the new "club" - a new floor, a new backdrop on the stage. A few new furnishings defined it further and literally, in a few moments time, the community center went from a spot in which you could play football to a warm, welcoming, intimate lounge for people to gather, share a martini, and relax. I should mention that Xander seemed rather uncomfortable. The only reason is that the work wasn't up to his standards. But believe me, no one minded one bit - heck, no one noticed!

We had more than 30 people stop by for the party last night. Thank you all for your patronage. We love you all. The AC is back!

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