Saturday, August 23, 2008


Few people know this but in my spare time I am manbo. I practice my maji on unsuspecting fools, calling on lwa, and preparing for nago. All will fall to my will by the power of the spirits.

Okay, not really. But it is a neat throne, no? Boojum Island is undergoing a little reconstruction at the moment and it is really amazing what they have done. Subtle changes, but they make all the difference. Stop by the vodou hut for a brew and wander the island in search of booty, or even a little love. Tons of little surprises to explore!

One delightful surprise is the mooring of the Manhattan 158 - perhaps the most beautiful and well done yacht in SL - at least of what I have seen. She is pure luxury. Does she belong there? I do not know. But wandering her luscious decks was pure delight. I think I will leave a little zo devan for them in blessing.

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