Wednesday, June 24, 2009

But what is there to do?

Tis that time again, the time when Second Life boasts its existence with a birthday celebration. Can you believe it has been six years? Welcome to SL6B.

What is it? the noob asked. Why, it's a birthday party! What's there to do? The Greeter and Mentor looked at each other in IM and burst out laughing. What's there to do. That's a good one. With region count in the double digits, there is PLENTY to do. No shopping, but loads of freebies in hundreds of exhibitor booths. Who are these exhibitors? They are hand picked pieces of Second Life who applied to have a built out presence there. From a mystery performance troupe to builders, fashion designers to non profits- it is all there in 17 different categories. Just about every facet of SL holds a presence at SL6B. I must say I am saddened to see that Ballet Pixelle and the SL Shakespearean Company do not have a presence this year. However, RLTS friends Grafix, Earth and Raph from Inspire Space Park were granted exhibitor space to build a mini space park for all to enjoy.

RLTS friend, the ostentatious and snarky Crap Mariner, is operating Dallier's Hope Messenger - the seemingly official blog of the SL6B. Surf on by and enjoy his witty repertoire covering all that is our SLBirthday!

SL6B runs June 23-July 6.

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Dallier's Hope Messenger (Official SL6B Blog)

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Mister Crap said...

um... er... i'm not actually writing their blog.

(but it would be a laugh-riot if i did. maybe sl7b? the official unoffical blog and podcast of sl7b. the kathy griffin of sl7b)