Monday, June 15, 2009

Got a Fantasy?

There are fairs and then there are fairs. We all know Hair Fair is in the works, and Fashion Fair is soon to be concluding. But where do elves go to find a new pair of ears? Or neckos to discover the perfect adornment to their paws? Enter Fantasy Faire.

Nine sims, each dedicated to their own breed, er, brand?, of fantasy figure. Need a new ray gun? Stop by Sector SciFi. A new wand? Elvencourt boasts the best. Something fluttery? Wings Wands and Wonders. A new purr animation? The Neko Industrial Park. A new dragon avi? Via Obscurium. The hot new fantasy thing this year seems to be mermaids. Bring your breathing aperatus as the Mer Market is completely under water.

Proceeds go to help find the cure for cancer via the Relay for Life. Opening today, visit the Fantasy Faire website for a complete Sim list.

Live long and prosper.

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