Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Top SL Blogs

As a service to you, gentle reader, I provide an extensive list of many active Second Life blogs, compliments of virtual pal ArminasX Saiman's Second Effects. Yes, you will note RLTS made the list which, given I had been out of world when this was collected/written and relatively offline for six months prior, I am honoured, not to mention surprised.

Dying to know the top ten? Check 'um out. And be sure to visit Second Effects for the full list.

Second Life Blogs by Technorati Rank

( 1 ) Massively
( 2 ) Official Second Life Blog
( 3 )
( 4 ) Virtual Worlds News
( 5 ) New World Notes
( 6 ) Raph's Website
( 7 )
( 8 ) Torley Lives
( 9 ) Not Possible IRL
( 10 ) Free*Style

Oooo and one more thing - patience paid off. This walking party provider made the iReport in re: SL6B. Go figure.

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