Monday, August 17, 2009

Welcome Baby Linden!

It is a pleasure to welcome into the world a child who will be much loved and if I dare say, is quite famous simply for being born. This child was brought into the world by friend Washu and her husband Damain Fate. We are all delighted to celebrate this new life and pray for much joy, peace, and love in the coming years.

With the recently discovered Baby Linden Plurk Page comes the baby package. All good plurkers must have a few welcome items. First off is the gift of food. No doubt Mom Washu will provide much of this but nothing will be as good post weening as daily Food Porn. Secondly, a decent smilie site is a must. I offer the rubber duck to begin. Third, Baby Linden has his own MyBrute for much wrasslin and squablin in his future. And lastly, the gift of tinysong so that he may be lulled to sleep via a quality music plurk.

Welcome Baby Linden! We cannot wait to meet you!

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