Saturday, March 15, 2008

Home, Sweet Tree

I'm fortunate to have friends who open their doors and make their home my own. Over the last few weeks, we've been picking up our parts all over Happy Trees in preparation for a move. This of course included visiting dozens of sims in search of that new place to be. I fell in love with one, only to find they were selling and leaving SL. Of course, we eventually landed a plot that's just right. We named it Serendipity.

I reported to work while my friend started the build. I have attended a number of St. Patrick's Day parties over the last few days but honestly, was bored to death with the music. You can only hear U2 so many times before you realize the DJ's knowledge of Irish bands is limited. And to toss in a jig behind Vertigo, well, it just doesn't really work. This is one reason that I enjoy hearing DJ Tarsis Korobase spin the way I do. Okay, so he threw in a cheesy Irish sounding remake of a Tiffany song... But despite that, his ability to program, make things flow, and keep it interesting keeps me on my toes. You gotta love a good set.

When I returned to the build the next morning, I plopped down on our brand spanking new deck in our new treehouse overlooking the ocean while the burgers grilled on the grill and the breeeze kissed my cheeks. Summer is coming and everything in my being feels blessed with the knowledge that I have good friends who entertain me, house me and share their love.


PS: Kid. It's WAR.

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