Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Last Call for Last Call

Last Call. *weeping* Official close date is March 31st.

As many know, Ginny Talamasca has "extend the Last Call $100L sale through the end of March, to accommodate customer desire for more shopping time before Last Call closes its doors permanently as she retires from SL." The official word is that all Last Call Fashions will the be destroyed (not those you own - those not purchased!).

Thing is, there are other designs... *gasp* Designs from the past... Retired designs... VINTAGE designs!!! *whispering My Pretty in an evil, obsessed voice*

Want 'um? Me too. Here's what you have to do: drop a notecard to the attention of Ginny Talamasca entitled ‘LC Re-release’ and say "YES I want the re-release! Please!!!" (a simple "yes" will do). Why? "I will NOT do this without express permission from the Last Call update group and SL client base. In short, I am putting the matter to a vote." So, you know, vote darnit!

Vote until March 7th. If it passes, the girls of Last Call will do the final re-release on March 10th until the end of the month. And on April 1st we will all weep uncontrollably. Pity Party anyone?

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