Saturday, March 1, 2008

Taco Asteroids and Some Space

I'm working on a little somethin-somethin for the Hey Girlfriend! blog and in the process of doing so, hooked up with designer Grafx Newbold. Grafx happens to be on the cutting edge in his RL work as he designs lighting systems that use new technologies for top musical artists and other hoity toity professionals and organizations. He's a cool dude with a healthy appreciation for sangria and a good taco.

We got along well so the other night, he invited me over to meet some friends of his, including one friend in particular: Galaxy Girl. She's an out of this world gal, not to mention a talented one. GG (for short) welcomed me warmly to the Galactic Palace and invited me to hang in her brand new pool for a bit. We were working on figuring out how to make the water seemingly pour out of the pool into open space when others all joined in the fun. "Open space" you wonder? Well, yeah. We were on board her space ship. You know, like XYZ meters from land. In space. With asteroids.

Definitely one to put on your drop by list, pending an invitation. Check out the art if you get a moment and if you're lucky, you might catch one of her gigs.

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