Thursday, July 10, 2008

Crucifixion, Armageddon and The Channel

It occurred to me I hadn't done a mentoring update in a bit, not since my experience with SL Armageddon. This thought came to me as I was listening to a relatively new mentor express her... no VENT her frustrations over a mistaken post to "The Channel" where they attempted to crucify her. All I could think was, "Yup. Sounds familiar."

Anyway, while I was exploring the aquarium the other day, a Mental Mentor was having a bad day. This is one of my mentors for being a mentor - the one who talked me down in June from quitting all together. I offered to help take the person off his hands rather than dump the client which was of course received as humourous - this batch doesn't pass problems downline, nor do they give up on people. In an effort to convince him, I made the point that I was happy to do it in the spirit of the mentor who had patience with me when I was going mental. He asked who that was and I responded, "You."

There was a long pause.

Then another.

And another.

Then, a note telling me I was just signed up for the MM officer team.

All I could say was, "And I drank what?"

**Special thanks to all the MMs and the leadership team. You guys have been terrific! I love mentoring again!

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