Friday, July 11, 2008

Texture Texture, oh Where Art Though?

I love bragging about my friends success mostly because I want my other friends to enjoy the first friend's success to begin with. So I do, I shall, and I will.

That said, let me introduce Kid. Kid's a nice guy. His background might surprise you. He's witty. And he's cute - well, it's rumoured that he's cute. I've never seen his face due to the welding mask. He's also talented. When Kid and I were introduced, I was told of his building ability. He's humble enough to consider himself one of many. I tend to think he's extraordinary but I get to 'cause he's on my friends list.

After months of nagging by Hey Girlfriend Yvette and by me, he finally produced some wearables and is selling them under the men's store name of HAZARD. What makes these little beauties not just tees, but ART, are his textures. All tees are $75L copy/mod/no trans. Check out two of the many below.

What I absolutely ADORE though, is his belt. Complete with a multi texture (there is that fabulous word again) menu -- count them 28 TEXTURES -- for every informal outfit, this thing has four - count them FOUR - shape versions for all your fashion deliciousness. (I'm just sooo excited and apparently really like to count...) Classic Belt $300L copy/mod/no trans

I should add that Kid has asked that I make the point that his stuff is custom designed for the male avatar shape. I discovered this as the belt didn't fit me and as I tweeked, I made a mess of things. He warned me (see enclosed notecard at purchase for details), but like all good tech savvy persons, I didn't read the instructions. His texturing is also specifically designed to complement the male form. I've been wearing a few of the tees around lately and have been receiving complements. But not all of them work for me given my uh, physical personality. By the way, Disturbed is pictured -- the more you wear it the more disturbing it becomes. Trust me. lol

HAZARD has five stores in world. Get yours while they're hot. ;)

UPDATE! 14JUL08 Looksie who discovered HAZARD!

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