Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Language Barriers

When speaking with my Brazilian friend, I'm always put to shame as the only foreign words I know generally name food while his English is flawless. That's why I am taking this opportunity to share the one moment in nearly six months that he was not familiar with an American phrase.

Ribbons Whitfield: How did it go today?
Guy: Let's say that if I had lots of bananas and a baby chimp, the job would get done exactly the same way. Might have been the most tedious mission ever, but it's all done now.
Ribbons Whitfield: To the victor go the spoils?
Guy: I have absolutely no idea what that means... but it can't be good
Ribbons Whitfield: He who wins the war gets the gold
Ribbons Whitfield: Or he who takes the village gets the pillage rights
Guy: LOL
Ribbons Whitfield: You know, and the best virgins.

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