Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy UnBirthday to ME!

Today is February 29th. That means that I am officially eight in RL! Yeay! Happy birthday to me! *doing a happy birthday dance*

Okay... not really. I always hated my birthday. It was a pain in the tooshy to deal with inviting a bunch of kids who didn't always show. I never dug the slumber parties really, not unless my friends were there. Given they were boys back then, and that I was in elementary school, the likelihood of boys being at a girls slumber party was about as good as finding Earnest Borgnine modeling a swimsuit on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

So I simply decided that if I had to have a birthday, it would be on February 29th. I'd reap the benefits of youth as I aged. I'd enjoy the novelty of birthday attention since it only came around once every four years. And I would only have to put up (once every four years) with people making me wear the funny hat at the restaurant while the wait staff and every other person who couldn't sing to save the life of their firstborn sang Las MaƱanitas or the birthday song in Chinese (you gotta stick with it to hear it done right).

Pull my earlobes, stick that yogurt on my head, and hook me up with that birthday pie, baby!

So... now... let's discuss my prezzies.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday ttttoooo yyyoouuuuu


Wrath said...

Ack! Has it been four years already?? I still haven't picked out just the right gift for you, yet! I can't believe I go through this every four years for you - oh, the stress!! Seems like only two years ago you were turning six. *sigh*

Naima Aya said...

Hi Happy Rez day (^__^) I've found your post and what a small world (SL), 24/02 I've made 1 year too :D

I didn't made any party :D Just a normal day work...


Ribbons Whitfield said...

Thank you Naima! You're actually a tad older than me - my rez day isn't until April. But thank you for the kind sentiment!