Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Popped the Cork

Secrets. I love my pals.

It's 3 AM and I just got back to bed from a RL emergency. I logged to apologize to those whom I fell asleep/ran out on earlier and zap! In came an IM from Nug (see The Drink). Nug tells me he has something to show me. This usually ends up being something either exciting, creative, or highly questionable.

So I pop on over to the plot where Old Skool once stood and where do I land? Not in the drink but instead, my home - the Cork Factory.

In order to understand my love affair with this place, you need some history. The RL Cork Factory was a stop off point for some of the top "rave" DJs in the late 80s and early 90s. Since that time, they turned the place into high priced, fashionable, super trendy condos. You see, the boys paid homage to the Cork in SL with a replica - right down to the graffiti on the walls -- some of it probably original.

I found the Cork purely by accident. I was stressed out, frustrated and annoyed by a SL business venture in my early days and went searching for live venues to decompress. I stumbled into the joint to the sounds of a DJ named Nomis who actually spun (get this) REAL VINYL.

The Cork Factory became my home for a variety of reasons - some of them RL. My heart broke when it closed. The boys new venue, Old Skool, was cool but just wasn't the same.

So I welcome the Cork back to life. When asked if I was granted permission to blog it, Nug told me, "you write what ya want....we open now....no drama...no business plan....we plan when we can....we not livin on tips........we just here to have fun". I couldn't have said it better myself.


ClassTax Xue said...

It's nice to see people pay tribute to the nice things from our past.
Sometimes circumstances change in our lives to lead us in different directions, but to be able to revisit these places is prices, and very satisfying.

(I'm stilling waiting for them to re-open Club Cherry here so I can Blog about...Oh, nevermind ;) lol

nomis oyen said...

kind words from a kind friend, for that i thank you.

ive always thought [and im sure nug would back me] that the beauty of the cork is the people that fill it. its part of the reason we went with the old style warehouse based off of the original. the best times of my life were spent in dank, dark, dilapidated places filled with the best minds and fullest hearts. be easy friend.


Ribbons Whitfield said...

See what I mean? Great guys. MUAH