Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sacrifice on a Wall

When I was a child, we went to visit family who lived in the DC area. It was then that we went to the Air and Space Museum (feeding my addiction of all things space science related), the Washington Monument (closed for construction) and Arlington Cemetery (where I saw family). But one of the most memorable moments for me was a trip to the Wall.

I knew of no one who was family. But I saw others come and go, weeping. There was one volunteer there that day who was making charcoal impressions for visitors. He asked if he could make one for me. I said yes of course and he wanted to know which one. I said any and I cried a bit as he went about taking the tracing (bewildered). You see, I understood even at a young age what this meant. I grasped what those lives did collectively for our country. And I wept for their sacrifice and for the families left behind who had little comfort in knowing their loved one died in a war or conflict.

Meme Science entered SL with a goal of recreating The Wall. For those who have lived or visited DC you'll be struck by how familiar the walk is from the landing spot. Accept the notecard - it's packed with information about videos, how to search for names, leaving gifts, other memorials etc. For more information visit

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