Monday, August 11, 2008

The Drink

Last night, old time pals Nomis and Nug both logged. I leaped with joy as I rarely see either online anymore. These boys built my much beloved Cork Factory and eventually, Old Skool. Both old school DJs (no pun intended), they would spin historic techno, beat mixing it until your heart had no choice but to sing and your feet to move.

I TPed on over and the boys plugged in for a little 50s, 60s and even a little 70s. We danced. We chatted. We made fun of our friends. Happily, I dozed off and danced with the sandman...

So this morning I awaken, log in to catch up on IMs from my friends on the other side of the world and found myself in the drink. My guess? They logged for a last blast party. But once again, sadness takes me and I cannot help but to feel like we've ended yet one more SL era. (Don't get all whooped up -- an SL era is really short...)

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