Monday, August 18, 2008

Girls with Guns

You know when you stumble upon something and you know you really shouldn't look further into it -- like you are walking along and hear something in an alleyway and you just KNOW you shouldn't go down there? Plurking is kind of like that.

You see, Zoe Connolly plurked that Virtual Girls with Guns now has 8 members. I took the bait and headed over to check out exactly what VGWG was... I'm sorry but you cannot dangle a piece of chocolate in front of a chocoholic and expect them not to want it. That's just cruel.

Eventually the ladies convinced me that I needed to be a member. So I signed up. And I searched my inventory for a weapon.

This was a terrifying happening. Apparently, my weapons like to be worn sort of hanging off my tooshy... or on my right ear... or my knee - even when attached to a hand. I got one to shoot with some satisfaction but quickly realized maybe it would leave casings on my neighbor's lawn and thought better of it. How sad that a girl who can handle a weapon in RL is a complete clod in SL.

My plurking sisters didn't miss a beat. Zoe quickly reminded me that VGWG was about "helping sisters to pack heat". Looks like my next few weeks in SL might resemble more my RL than I'd like... I really wish I hadn't posted on REC now. It's coming back to haunt me. lol

I can say this: weapon proficiency in SL seems a far better use of time than learning to work the catwalk... Why this seems to be the case I will never know.

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Zoe Connolly said...

welcome to the club, Sister Ribbons