Thursday, August 14, 2008


I debated posting this little find mostly because I object to the glamourization of violence. That said, this post is most certainly for the most mature of us and should not be shared with our youth, nor those faint of heart.

b.places describes the REC sim as "... [it] recreates the apartment of the REC horror movie, so in case you haven't had enough watching it, try to test your nerves on this disturbing place!" Disturbing it is, its creepiness magnified with the REC HUD you snag at the start. The HUD lets you wander through the house as if moving through the eyes of a video viewer -- mostly in mouselook. Wander through and click areas that sparkle. Of course, the first thing I clicked left me for dead, in a pool of my own pixel oozing blood.

Kind of reminded me of some of the things I see in RL.

Gorey and certainly heartbreaking that there could be so much evil in the world, but an amazingly creative sim worth the stop on places to see in SL.

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