Thursday, January 24, 2008

Down with Vega and a little New Orleans

Back in the day, you know, like 7 months or so ago, I was a fresh faced, naieve avatar with a freebie shape, freebie skin, and well, freebie everything.

Somehow I managed to swing a pass to see Suzanne Vega when she made an appearance in SL. As I recall, that was one of the first clothing purchases I made. The result was something like this...
The fun had at that event led to great friendships with people like a supermodel, a media mogul, and the occassional geek. I maintain those friendships today, celebrating their wins and cheering them up in their losses (not to mention vice versa!).

As such, it should be no surprise that one of them dropped me a little IM-ee-poo to let me know that Suzanne is on her way back to SL this February. Fans will be panting - details to follow!

MEANWHILE -- the Alternative Classix has FINALLY found a home! Months of club hopping and we found a place where we love the people, the people love us, it's about the music and art, and not about ego or drama. All are welcome to join us Friday from 7-9 SL at (are you sitting down for this?) the CETUS GALLERY DISTRICT! *doing a happy dance* Bring your Lindens for tips but not for us - we're raising money for the displaced artists in New Orleans.

See ya there!

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