Monday, January 21, 2008

A Little Pillow Talk

After a hard dance workout I had an opportunity to reconnect with a SL friend and designer Kallyfaith of K.O. Designs. She brought me by, dance gear and all, to check out a new buildout with which she was toying. When I wandered downstairs to a cozy little hideaway, I fell into the sea having missed a pillow pose ball, one she purchased from Pillow Talk.

Having never been there (Pillow Talk, not the ocean), she TPed me over to this little airy cloud place, packed with pillows and pose balls and little white kittens. Over the scent of fresh popped popcorn, we shopped.

Given that I had been falling into things a lot that day, it should not surprise you that I fell off the cloud.

Kally found me in front of a picnic pavilion, dazed and confused. She picked me up, handed me a pillow and plopped me down at the pavilion. After a rest, I was able to stand, and take in the beauty of the place. The perfect summer breeze on a cold winter snowy day!

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