Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Monumental Occasion

Almost a year in SL and it finally happened.

HIM: Ribbs I am gonna IM you. Let's go out, ok?
Ribbons Whitfield: I'm sorry, did you just ask me out?
HIM: Just say yes
Ribbons Whitfield: Wow.
/HIM is a socially stigmatized concept freed by virtual worlds
Ribbons Whitfield: Almost a year in SL and I have never been asked out.
Ribbons Whitfield sits, stunned
Ribbons Whitfield: Let's discuss that later... give me some time to digest that.
HIM: It a long story and I gtg
HIM: ...but yes i did

Just goes to show that even I can get a date in SL... even if it took eight months.

1 comment:

Wrath Paine said...

Now let's see how long it takes you to decide what to wear. ;-)

Seriously, good luck, have fun, enjoy!

Wait, did you ever respond and say yes? lol Way to build the suspense, Ribbons. ;-)