Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Six Degrees of SL

So a SL friend, Flux, creates a new blog entitled All Things Phreeq. I go poke around, enjoying the content etc. His first entry points readers to Vint Falken - SL photographer extraordinare. Being one who is always interested in the talent of others, I go poke around her website too. And on her blog is a note to check out Are we not men? - Putting the Y back in Guy (AWNM).

So I wandered over to AWNM and enjoyed the humor, the observations, and get a little riled up about some of the thoughts, but put them in the category of "guy" (me not being in guy category, I can do this). I enjoy the blog so much that I click over to "About these Guys" and bam! It hits me exactly how small SL is as a world.

One of these three is Wrath Paine (along with HawksRock Gunawan and Alexander Burgess). You know, of Wrath Paine vs. Second Life -- a pal of the Alternative Classix (although we haven't seen him around lately uh hem WRATH). Wrath is known for his dry humour among other things. But what I enjoy about him is how plugged in he is to SL as a whole - and this is just one example.

Such a small world! And once again, all roads lead to home. Wrath hails from my part of the country - the PNW.

(Nice work baby!)

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