Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Harmony, Parking and Bad Habits

Several folks know that when I fall in love with a place in SL, I tend to nest there. It's a bad habit - one for which I pray the locals don't come to hate me (uhem, Nex...).

One of my most recent nesting spots is Cetus Gallery District. A historical, urban, smart growth, redevelopment SIM, Cetus boasts art galleries from around the world - contemporary, traditional, and tribal art not to mention photography, sculpture and mixed media - totaling about 70 artists in all. In 2007, The District was chosen as "Best Cultural Place in Second Life." Not that it took me much convincing. The place is fabulous. And I get to feed my gallery lust virtually instead of putting up with the parking problems and art snobs in RL.

Obviously I am in love with it. So you can imagine how excited I am to be spinning there with Tars on Friday at the Harmony Cafe- so much so I'm tickled pink, doing a happy dance, and grabbing my finger paints in hope I may be discovered.

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