Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Milestone...

[19:29] Catty Loon: Thanks everyone
[19:30] Ribbons Whitfield: Wow... I did not just do that
[19:31] Ribbons Whitfield sits, stunned.
[19:31] Catty Loon: What did you do??
[19:31] Ribbons Whitfield: Did I just contribute fashion advice????
[19:31] Catty Loon: Yes you did!!!
[19:31] Ribbons Whitfield chokes, falls over onto the floor
[19:31] Catty Loon fans Ribbons
[19:31] Catty Loon: Someone have some smelling salts?
[19:31] Gloriana Congrejo: She choked, do the Heimlich
[19:31] Catty Loon: It's ok Ribs'll be ok, you'll survive this
[19:32] Ribbons Whitfield groans and mumbles incoherently
[19:32] Catty Loon fans faster
[19:32] Catty Loon: Someone slap her!
[19:32] Catty Loon isn't good at violence
[19:33] Ribbons Whitfield: Don't... You can't... Yvette must not know.
[19:33] Ribbons Whitfield sits up, then passes out again.
[19:33] Catty Loon: Yvette would be proud!!!

It's always so heartwarming to know you have Girlfriends to help you through difficult times.

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