Sunday, May 4, 2008

My pretty...

While updating my Twitter, I discovered something kinda neat. Ribbons Learns to Swim friend Nexeus Fatal twittered that he was recently added to a nifty site called Alltop.

Alltop takes RSS feeds from any given topic and drops them into category pages - anything from shopping to music to virtual worlds - kind of like a dashboard of info of interest to you. Nex was recently added as his own box (congrats Nex!). But what I dig about this is that DANGIT! They list FREEBIES. YES FREEBIES! Freebies my pretty!

They also list news. And some gossip. And Linden updates. And professional SL services. And charitable events (hooray!). And some other stuff of interest. And did I mention FREEBIES???

Yup. They've got virtual worlds covered.

1 comment: said...

I see you really like freebies! ^.^