Friday, May 9, 2008

Show Me Some Skin

I'm hanging out with pals yesterday and a girlfriend rushes in all aflutter. She'd been helping another friend with two upsetting matters. One, a rl boyfriend and two, a much more upsetting issue, a stolen skin.

Shopping Cart Disco recently posted a note received from a rather upset RL graphic artist who claims that her work was stolen by Minnu Skins. She provides a series of photos (such as pictured) that demonstrate the accused rip off. Frankly, they appear convincing.

While a copyright violation is possible, perhaps even likely, I would urge everyone to take pause. Simply because someone claims their work has been compromised does not necessarily mean that it has indeed been stolen.

When I was first approached on this matter of content theft several months ago, I encouraged a self governing board to gather, made of skilled artists who can help review these matters and bring some fairness to the system. Otherwise, liars can take graphics that do not belong to them and make a skin (or other item), and liars can claim that their work has been taken and ruin reputations. Unfortunately, no such board exists (to my knowledge) and we continue to have little recourse in the interest of truth. Mediation seems to me to be a viable SL Content Theft option for resolution.

I do not know the Minnu Skins creator, nor am I of the acquaintance of Danae Kotsi. But I do feel it necessary to make the call towards temperance and perhaps, encourage a sense of justice - that one is innocent until proven guilty and everyone has a right to defend themselves.

Let us all hope this is a mistake, one that can be properly explained. Otherwise, the SL Drama will have an impact in lives beyond the pixel. I can only imagine the stress, frustration and perhaps anger of Ms. Kotsi. The feelings of Minnu remain a curiosity, but I have no doubt are not pleasant.

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