Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kiss Kiss Kiss

So we're hanging at the high for the Thursday Night Dance Party and I am hostessing for Nexeus Fatale. While sitting on the bar, in an IM with Hellman, I engage in a conversation about the value of sticking out one's tongue. You know, like this :P . The conversation ended up somewhere along the lines of don't stick it out if you don't intend to mean it. Next thing I know is the following... IN MAIN CHAT:

*Hellman stands up, looks Ribbons deep in the eyes, raises her chin lightly with his fingers, kisses her full on the mouth and licks the tip of her nose lightly, "Yes, I was ready to use it."
*You: Yikes!
*You: Er um...
*Hellman sits back down and smiles
*Ribbons Whitfield turns red and falls backwards over the bar
*You: Some guy. Does that and leaves me on the floor...
*Hellman picks her up and sets her back on the bar

Word to the wise - if you are going to randomly go around kissing strangers, make sure they are not bloggers, twitterers, Live Journalists, or MySpacers (etc.).

Nexeus chooses this moment to play a new song (appropriately titled) and after, assumes responsibility... you know, in his own way...

*Bashir: kiss kiss kiss
*Ribbons Whitfield sighs
*Nexeus Fatale: who what?
*Nexeus Fatale: :-p Ribblet don't be blaming things on me!

All I could think was "Oh no. Here we go again with the :P"