Monday, May 26, 2008

I do... really... I do.

I received a message from someone who had asked why I am taking on this new endeavor. Let me begin by saying that I am creating the wedding blog I do. because I am absolutely nuts.

Few people know this about me but in RL, weddings are part of my work. I'm nuts about joyful moments in peoples lives and I love weddings. Over the years, I've picked up a few tricks here and there, heard and shared some good advice, and drooled over the occassional gown. I've helped brides pair just the right veil, select jewelry that complimented rather than overpower, and said "you know, you can always buy shoes and have them dyed to match that perfect bridesmaid gown" at least 300 times.

I have seen real life Jewish weddings, Chinese weddings, Korean weddings, and African weddings (wait, no, that was an African funeral...). I helped plan an outlandish wedding for one very cool retro hipster who absolutely loved Marlyn Monroe, putting her bridesmaids in peacock blue ball gowns with matching arm length gloves and enough bling on wrists and tiaras on heads to blind you. I have helped to plan simple, traditional, intimate weddings with candlelight dinners and clean lines on the tablecloths. I also used to teach basic etiquette to small groups. Real life professional, no. But a graduate of finishing school, modeling school and a bunch of other schools that mean little to anyone but etiquette junkies.

With society being what it is, etiquette seems rarely appreciated with one exception: your wedding. It is at that point in time when people break out Emily Post and panic when they discover that yes, you have to put a postage paid envelope in your invitation if you expect a RSVP, and no, it is not appropriate that you ask for money as a gift. Yes, you have to invite that guy who makes the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard every time he swallows just because he happens to be the brother of your finance. No, you do not have to invite your ex BFF from gradeschool just because you promised each other when you were eight. And yes, I advise that you consider your preference of a formal wedding, semi formal, casual, or informal. There actually is a difference. And honestly, the gifts really should be delivered to the bride's mother's home, not taken to the wedding or reception.

I do. is dedicated to all the wonderful things that make up a perfect SL wedding: you, your friends, and the best photographers, designers, places, even planners SL has to offer. Here's to you!

God bless!

Ribbons Whitfield

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