Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cuba Drool

I was putzing around SL a few weeks ago and TPed over to Cuba, mostly because of Looker Lumet Photography's piece. Easily one of the best photographers in SL, Looker provided pictures that were so - there is only one word I can think of that describes it - romantic that you nearly wanted to lick your monitor. Then again, Cuba has always inspired that in me so maybe I am biased.

In part, Looker had some help. The Emvee Cuba SIM creator's textures are so rich and delicious that three quarters (if not more) of Looker's work was done. Then again, I know nothing of photography so don't take my word for it. Visit Cuba yourself.

When you land, pick up your tourist camera and look for the blue camera spots. I did and the best I could come up with is here - note the blue block on the right. Idiot proof photography. Perfect!

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