Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cackers, Onion Rings and The Law

Tarasia Ashbourne. Remember that name. *getting out a notepad and paper cause she'll forget it soon if she doesn't*

Tarasia Ashbourne is a go getter. When she sees something, she goes for it. I just hope she stays away from my onion rings, cause you know, no one touches my onion rings. Ever.

You're dying to know aren't you? Well, I think it's the combination of beer batter flavored with onion and the salt and the crispiness with the softer center. It's like, the hot crispy on my tongue followed quickly with the salt which brings the burst of flavor, then the soft center squirting all that tasty flavor onto my tongue... my mouth is literally drooling as I type this... Add to that the cool soothing texture from dipping it in cold ranch... Oh. My. Gosh.

Oh. You didn't mean the onion rings...

Tarasia is hopping mad about property rights in SL. She seems to figure that if you put all that work into an item, well, darnit, you should earn the income from that item. You know, instead of some snot nosed 20 year old cracker who can hack code for his own financial benefit.

So she started to hit just about everyone up saying something like, "Hey you! Over there! Come here. Now. We're fixing this. Go." And I've noticed, she won't let you "go" until you spill your ideas. (Okay okay, she's actually a very nice, bright, well thought out and determined person. I just like my image of her better. LOL)

Anyway, she's on the warpath. This girl is serious. She's toying with an organization that will work together as a public service to help resolve disputes in SL when it comes to design infringement. Wanna know why? Cause Linden Labs ain't gonna do it.

The FashCon Café sent out a press release regarding their new blog. It seems Marni created the blog as a means to comment on those designers and shops who are on the up and up (i.e., only sells creations by the owner which are clearly original and not copied in some form). Near the end, she asks that those who want to participate send her a notecard. My guess is that she's trying to keep it positive - celebrating those who play nice rather than trashing those who don't. It's free and it's a tasty way to promote yourself and play fair.

By the way, I understand that when she released this blog in group, those in the chat went ballistic. Why? I have no idea. Fear perhaps that in a libertarian society, policing would become the norm. That's up to the participants in my mind. Your vote counts so be careful with whom you associate.

Tarasia did put me on to a few organizations in SL that piqued my interest. They are Union of Designers Against Theft, Sellers’ Guild, Merchant Theft Protection Group, and Copyright Hunters. She had a chance to speak with the Merchant Theft Protection Group and digs their program finding them successful at their intended purpose, having resolved several cases of theft over the last year or two (or maybe three). There are others in world too.

I'm off to go find a snack.

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