Saturday, February 2, 2008

SL Rants

This is just wrong.

Like a Natural Woman

I'm sorry, but breasts that bounce like that in a dress or top (or should I say those without the proper foundations) are not natural looking in any shape, way, or form. Perhaps if you opted to go without such garments... On that point, I object for those who do so in public.

And by the way, since I am ranting, do you have any idea how un-lady-like it is to walk while swinging your arms? Finding a decent AO that doesn't do so seems nearly impossible. Just because I am an avatar for the moment does not mean I wish to throw all appropriate behavior out the window!

Which brings me to my last rant slash worthy-of-a-mention. It took me nearly five months to find decent shoes in SL that were not stripper platforms. I have to ask the question why?. You would think that entering into SL you would find all the nifty places first rather than the trashy ones. Yet it never seems that way. In fact, I found a self proclaimed "master" preying on newbie girls/women at a newbie spot last week. While people should know better, most don't. As such, the behavior of some reflects quite poorly on SL and the rest of us overall.

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