Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sensibilities and well... Shopping

I have a confession. And I feel really bad about this...

I don't like (dislike, can't stand, find annoying, consider them boring, get irritated with) self impressed people who run around ooing and ahhhing over something just because they want to kiss up to a designer or some other personality from whom they want, or feel they deserve, attention.

In fact, when people gush over me (RL), I immediately step back, try to be polite, and find a reason to move on. In SL, I'm not gushed upon too often (although it does occasionally happen) but find it just as irritating when others do it. I think perhaps that's why I drag my feet when I'm invited to a fashion opening. You mean you want me to join a group of people who do this constantly? Why don't I just put my arm into a wood chipper. It would be a positive alternative.

But, because I enjoy spending time with friends, I agreed. Minnu Model Skins opened Cachet a few days ago. The open was a little bumpy - models were late, lag, the display of clothing in one dimension I cannot imagine helped sales (thus why the models seemingly arriving late was an issue)... but honestly, every event has these little challenges. (In fairness, I wasn't watching the time so perhaps I was early and the models were not late at all.)

Overall, the Cachet line is quite lovely. I'd like to see the designer work to stiffen things that are meant to be stiffened, and soften things that are meant to be softened. I'd also like to see the folks who helped her launch not be so obvious when speaking in chat suggesting "I think I'll bring my friends. This is so wonderful!!!" in hopes of inspiring people to do just that. The "I've never seen a store fill up so quickly on their first day!" was also unbelievably annoying. These ladies have been around SL for years and EVERY major open floods, especially Minnu. Honestly, do you wish to insult our sensibilities? Or perhaps just the designers. pft

Swing by if you have a moment. The designs are certainly couture or at least as couture as one can be in SL. (Perhaps "high fashion" would be more appropriate.) There are a few items I'm considering adding to my collection, but you know me, I'm a jeans and cute top kind of girl. ;)


Baron Hauptmann said...

But, Ribbons, you have such a wonderful blog. I think you do it so well, with so much humor. I must tell *all* my friends, and invite them to read it. I can't believe *everyone* does not read your blog. . . .

hehe, is that enough gushing?

Ribbons Whitfield said...

Um...oh... Yes, thank you. How... nice.

Uh, have a lovely day!

Anonymous said...

*runs over to her own blog to gush about Ribbons and how cool she must be for receiving an invite of the century*


I'm a gusher at times, as you know from my blog...but I get over it quickly and it's normally cause well...I can?

btw..hit anonymous cause I am not signed in...why I am not signed in, I have not a clue, cause I am signed in over there *points to the left tab*