Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Girlfriend's Got Style!

I'm so incredibly, unbelievably excited!!!! *doing a happy dance* Can you believe it?!?!

Ooo er... um... You don't know!

So you must! When I plopped into SL, I met this totally chic chick who was nearly crusty (old school SL, been around a while, etc). We bonded over mutual dislike of boring people, a lust for freebies, and a very strange mutual appreciation for an 80s movie called Real Genius. In my newbie-ness, she invited me to plug into this group called Hey Girlfriend, established by super boss girlfriend Catty Loon. I dragged my not-yet-sculpty heals explaining how I really wasn't interested in a group with more trashy people, celebrating the size of their new parts and sharing how spanking each other at abc-club was soooo much fun. You know, because it isn't. Over time she convinced me to give it a try and introduced me to the boss girlfriends and the chic girlfriends and all the other girlfriends throughout SL. We bonded over bad boyfriend stories, freebies, shoes, and Oh-My-Gosh-Did-You-See-That-New-Release?

Our little group now boasts nearly 500 very active, successful, bright, talented and empathetic girlfriends. Unlike other groups, we relish the opportunity to chit chat and be girls! Those of you who know me know how unlikely I am to enjoy the girlie thing... But these gals are top notch so consider my niche found. ;)

So why do I share all of this? CAUSE CATTY LOON FINALLY BROKE DOWN and launched the Hey Girlfriend! Blog along with Yvette Quijote, Reghan Straaf and other girlfriends! Check out the blog (you'll notice a pic of yours truly) and leave a comment. Also, let me know if you'd like an invite to the group. I'm going for the recruiting star this month.

By the way, doncha think it's about time for the Hey Girlfriend slumber party?

*looking mischievous* PILLOW FIGHT! *bonking Yvette and Catty on the head*

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mistyforeverlost said...

*does a backflip* girlfriends for with pillow fights *flaps her hands in the air and coughs trying to get the stray feathers from her face* and comments for mmmmmeeeeeeeeee

We are so on our way to lazy world domination!